Wednesday, August 18, 2004

If you are following Muqtada’s story like I am you would know that according to all the news and most of the press out there he accepted the government position by disarming his thugs and leave the Shrine. However, if you read what Al-Jazeera wrote earlier on their website, you would think that Muqtada did not accept the deal. On the other hand some of the Iraqi press is saying that Iran had a lot to do with Muqtada’s decision about accepting the deal. Take the deal now and save your guys because we need you later.
My take on this whole thing is, it is wrong to let Muqtada or any of his thugs go free just because they put their weapons down. This was the biggest test for Allawi’s government and I feel they failed miserably. Falluja got away with murder, Muqtada got away with murder, and God only knows who is going to rise up in the future and do what Muqtada did. I feel that by sparing Muqtada’s life this government is inviting all the thugs in and all around Iraq to come in and bear arms. This is the wrong message to send to all the terrorist groups out there because they will be viewed as weak and indecisive government.
I realize it is easy for me to say all this because I am sitting in a nice air conditioned office in a nice peaceful environment. And they are in the middle of the fire but I think you can not allow these group to control your destiny in life other wise might as well fold now and go home. The more I speak with people in Baghdad they say the same thing and that is please get rid of Muqtada. I called Baghdad yesterday asking about the situation and how they are doing, my older brother said to me, we are sitting and watching a volcano; if it erupts we are finished. And if does not erupts, it will in the future but we don’t know when. The situation in Iraq is fluid and it is unsafe for everyone however, the government can do something about it by winning these young poor people before someone like Muqtada recruit them all.


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