Friday, August 13, 2004

The People of Iraq;
Yesterday I was listening to Radio Sawa from Iraq and I listened to the daily press conference of the interior minister Mr. Shaalan. He said something that is interesting and that is “there is a conspiracy against the Iraqi people”. He did not say the Iraqi government, he said the people of Iraq is been targeted by other countries. He did not specify the others nor did he elute to whom he was talking about. However, one other minister was doing that and earlier Mr. AlNaqeeb the defense minister said Iran should stop supporting the terrorist. And he kept attacking Iran and everyone of us was wandering what information do they have that we don’t know about. Well, for those who can read Arabic, check this link out http://www.iraq4allnews.dk/viewnews.php?id=59968 ; it turns out to be an alliance between four groups to make sure Iraq never becomes a democratic nation. Iran’s mullahs, Wohabies, ex-Baathest, and Muqtada are united to bring Iraq into choas. Based on this article the head of the Jerusalem brigade of the Iranian revolutionary guards General Kassem Suleiman has been spending a lot of time in Iraq. He has given Al-Zarqawi as well as Anssar al Islam a free passage to Iran for money, support, and intelligence. Also the Iranians have made a decision it is better to have a choatic Iraq than a democratic Iraq. So someone asked General Kassem Suleiman the Iranian who is in charge of this mission, why does Iran want Iraq to go into chaos? His response was it is better for Iran’s long run to deal with chaotic Iraq than dealing with a democratic Iraq controlled by America. So the second question was how are you doing that and his response was, we are going to Arm Muqtada with weapon and men and let them fight all they want. Today listening to Iraqi officials from Najaf, they have arrested 1200 men from Al-Mahdi Army in the last 5 days of fighting, none of them were Iraqis nor do they speak Arabic. That is a big number for a city like Najaf.
I think the Iraqi government is well aware of what is going on and they are taking the fight to the enemy. And what is more important than that is they have the support of the Iraqi people. I know the media here shows otherwise, but believe me when I say this, the majority of the Shia, Sunni, Christians, and Kurds are in favor of this Iraqi government. However, the media here are well as in the Arab world are concentrating on the minority only.
For those who can read the article and would like to translate it word to word, I would be more than happy to posted in their name.


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