Friday, August 06, 2004

It is Muqtada again
Last time Muqtada started the fighting it was the US Army in power and most of the Iraqi people did not agree with Muqtada but did not say anything because they are afraid of his people. Now we have an Iraqi government and an Iraqi face not to mention a prime minister who is a Shia. So my question to Muqtada is what is it you want this time? I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for Muqtada. I sure hope it’s the end for this guy and all his army. I am also wondering if the Iraqi government is true to their words about what they said yesterday that they will not negotiate with Muqtada, which means they will either crush him and his thugs or arrest them all. Last time we had this saga, we had the Americans in power and they said the same thing the Iraqi government said, we either kill or arrest him and what happen they left him and his thugs get stronger.
I am sure Mr. Allawi is a smart individual and I am sure he is well aware of the fact that if he leaves Muqtada alone, he will always be a problem. When I speak to people in Iraq and specially the ones who live in Najef, the majority are saying the same thing and that is please get rid of Muqtada. I heard that from so many people on both side of the aisle Sunni as well as Shia. Please Mr. Allawi the sooner you clean Iraq from thugs like Muqtada the better Iraqis are. I am quite positive that Mr. Allawi is hearing this from so many people all around him as well as foreign governments, however, the same response and that is we are working on it. But I think they are not working hard enough to clean these places nor are they working smart enough to get the majority of the people on their side.
I realize there are so many challenges facing this young government however they need to involve the people. Crime is created from poverty and I believe you have the money to crush poverty, why not do it? Like Nike slogan says “JUST DO IT”.


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