Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Iraqis today
I am so happy about the news I keep hearing from Iraq because things are getting much better for them. Some times I am afraid to say that because every time I think things are improving, something bad would happen. But this time I am so optimistic because the good news is coming from all directions. Finally the IP is rounding up all the thugs and criminals, the surrounding countries are finally getting the message that deal with the new Iraq or there will be no trading in the future, and not to mention the insurgency is fighting among them about how to go about fighting who. I would like to consider few facts:
One would be that the US and the coalitions had an idea about how hard the average Iraqi were living and they were making it harder so when Allawi takes control and he starts cleaning up the country, take care of these issues, Allawi would look good (not physically, he needs to lose about 50 LB). In the eye of the Iraqis, he is elect-able again because he did something about their miserable lives. The other scenario would be that Allawi is really good, the US and the coalitions have nothing to do with his success. He is a good Iraqi patriot that is willing to do what it takes to clean house. Or maybe little bit of both, it does not matter anymore because something is being done about it. I am hopeful about the future of Iraq because once things go back to normal and people start working and making money, they will forget this hard period of their lives. In 1994 I went to see my family in Istanbul, Turkey because I could not go inside Iraq. When we got together and they were sharing their stories about the first gulf war, I remember it was a lot worst than it is now. But they have forgotten those days because they got other problems on their hands now. With time lives will improve for the average Iraqi and these days will be long gone “Inshallaha”.

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