Thursday, July 01, 2004

This morning waking up to the TV watching Saddam being arraigned is a great day in my life. However, he looked he resigned to his fate. The ultimate point for me the whole broadcast is when he asked the judge “Please if you allow me” and I thought since when did Saddam asks for a permission to do anything. I was telling my wife wait for the rest of the day and watch all the sympathizers will feel sorry because he looks so sad and innocent, he is going to play the cameras as well as the average person on the streets. I believe in justice and I believe everyone should get representation in court. But my friends let me tell you this man dose not deserve any justice and he should be shot in front of the millions of Iraqis. I am not going to get into why I think that because if you have been reading my blog, you would know my views in Saddam and his clans.
Great reviews from Inside Iraq, pretty much all the people in the south and specifically in Najef are so happy about today, they were given away sweets on the streets. I was listening to RadioSawa as well as other Iraqi news agencies and the majority of the people who were interviewed on the radio said the same thing and that is they want the death penalty for Saddam and his guys. Actually a lot of them said they would not accept anything less than the death penalty for Saddam and his clan.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Big day
Tomorrow will be the day that every Iraqi is waiting for; we will get to see Saddam being led to his arraignment. I am hoping that they show us Saddam in more than just a picture.
Although, some people are writing about what Salaam Al Chaliabi said about his first meeting with Saddam today, the fact is I and I am sure millions of people are waiting to see the biggest criminal in Iraq’s history on TV. I am so anxious about tomorrow because I would like to see this monster being showed to the whole world and specifically on Al-Jazeera so all his supporters see him like the cowered he is.
The fact is no Iraqi had ever though that Saddam would be captured and tried in an Iraqi court. When they captured Slobodan Milosevic, some of my friends and I were laughing at that because we though that Saddam would simply put a bullet in his head and would never go through the humiliation. I hope and I pray that the court in Iraq would not execute him until every person in his cabinet gets executed right in front of him first.
I would like to see him more humiliated than anyone can ever imagine. I also, would like to see all his clans, ministers, family members to be humiliated too. What this person has done to Iraq and its people is unforgivable.

Monday, June 28, 2004

New Day
Today is new day and it is a great day for all Iraqis and for freedom lovers. I have been waiting for a day like today for the last twenty two years I have lived here in the states. I as well as so many Iraqis thought we would never see a day like today. However, the day the coalitions decide to proceed toward Baghdad, I thought that is the beginning to a new era. Anyway that is that and we have to look forward and toward the future of Iraq. There are so much potential for Iraq as a country not to mention the people of Iraq. Now they have tasted some freedom they will never let go of it, I am certain of that. I am extremely optimistic about the new government and the new Iraq. I believe that Dr. Allawi will do something to defeat the terrorist and the ex-loyalist and that is because he has a plan (god knows what it is but I know he has a plan). I have spoken with people in Baghdad three times in the last two days and they are telling me, they already see changes on the streets of Baghdad, they are happier, they are optimistic, they are full of hope, and over all they are committed to defeating Al-Qaeda. I believe as long as the coalitions continue to help Allawi and his government, the future is bright and the end is near for Al-Zarqawi and his clans “Inshallaha”.

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