Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Al-Zarqawi Vs Allawi

Who will win this fight? They have been fighting for the last fourteen months however, this time the fight is different because it is between an Iraqi (powerful individual) and one big and bad terrorist. Maybe it is a hunch, maybe it is luck, and maybe it is wishful thinking on my part but I believe this time Allawi will win. I have a lot of faith in Allawi and I think he is going to mobilize everything against Al-Zarqawi. The fight between us and Al-Qaeda has entered a new front and next few months it will be crucial for the Iraqis to prove themselves. I believe Allawi has the ingredients to win this fight because the news coming out of Iraq are getting better by the day (I know the Us media does not show that), the ordinary people are feeling that Allawi might do something for them. Therefore, I believe they will work hard to help him, not to mention that there are more people signing up for the arm forces and police forces. I know the majority of Iraqis do not want the Wahabies to win this fight. And that is why I think Allawi will win this fight.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Today I got approached by a friend of mine who has started an orphanage house in Iraq to help with fund rising as well as logistics. Because of the war and all the hardship Saddam created over the years, there are so many kids without parents and it is time for us to help them. I believe it is the best way to show the world and the Iraqis particularly the good deeds that is coming from this country. Our troops has done so much for Iraqis and they continue to do so, some of it will not be apparent for years to come and some of it will be forgotten right away. However, the fact is America has done a great deal of service to the Iraqis as a nation by removing Saddam and his clans from power. Not to mention all the economic help Iraq will receive from the US and its allies for next few years. But think about the kids who are forgotten because they don’t have anyone to help them. It is time to win the hearts and minds of the people and not worry about the politics. If you have any comments, suggestions, concern, and if you can help even if it was just an advice, please email it to me directly.

Monday, June 21, 2004


I am sure you have heard about the missile attack that occurred over the weekend in Faluja. The US planes hit a house that was hosting some of the AL-Qaeda elements and maybe some of the ex-Baathest. According to the news coming out of Baghdad this weekend, someone notified the coalitions of a meeting that was going to take a place in this house. Al-Qaeda members trying to have a meeting and plan something when they got an un-expected visitor, this is exactly what we need to root these guys out of Iraq. What I find ironic is that AL-Jazeera TV network normally loves this kind of action and they would be all over it. However, this time there was little to almost none mention of the attack. No pictures showing of the individuals who got their justice. This is a big indication that the attack was not a mistake nor is the people who got killed are innocent civilians. Good job and thank you to whoever told on them, we need more of it.

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