Friday, June 18, 2004

Al-Qaeda in Iraq?

Al-Qaeda has demonstrated that they can do a lot of damage among the ordinary people. Al-Qaeda continues to attack innocent, helpless, some times poor, and importantly only unarmed individuals. My proposal to the new Iraqi government is why don’t you create a group of lethal and ruthless punch of guys who can go after Al-Qaeda inside Iraq? I am sure the American has more than one group from the Special Forces that are assigned to Al-Qaeda however, these guys are not Iraqis and they would not be as effective as an elite Iraqi force would be. An elite Iraqi force can do the following better:
They would blend in with the public.
They speak the language without an accent.
They can disguise their appearance once they are among the people.
They don’t need to carry heavy weaponry but they need to be sophisticated.
They should have no loyalty to any party, region, ethnic, and/or any other affiliations other than the Iraqi government.
At the end of the day, we must eliminate this threat because it is not only a threat to the west it even a bigger threat to the Middle East.

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