Wednesday, May 26, 2004

How many of you like I was sitting watching the war in the early days of it and thinking oh my god Saddam is going nowhere because of the fights that happened in “Al-fao”, Nasria, Amara, and Alkufel. And many more like those fights as the marines were approaching Baghdad, most of us Iraqi Americans thought oh no… Saddam is going to use WMD and the Americans will pull out of this mess. We all were watching the war thought the eyes of the embedded journalist as well as the pictures that were coming out of Iraq 24 hours later. None of us (ordinary people) new the US had the republican guards in their pockets, the marines where in Baghdad two days before we knew about it. And I believe the majority of the war we watched was designed to draw our attention and draw some of the fighters to it. The reason I bring this up now is because the same thing is happening on the political seen in Iraq. We watch Ahmed Chalabi, Muqtada, and few others get slapped around but the real politics as well as major players are being chosen for the new Iraq. The Bush administration inherited a country that is divested, its infrastructure is divested, the people’s moral were shattered, and the economy was none existence. To build all of that, they would need a miracle and people that believe in building the country. I think the Bush administration has been working for a while on who is going to take control of Iraq once they turn the power over, however we don’t hear about it because we are pre-occupied with what we see on TV. If the names we are hearing on the news are true and they do manage to stay alive for a while, then Iraq has great future. I have been told many times that I am to optimistic because the way I think and what I think about the future of Iraq. I think we will see couple of good leaders coming up and they are going to take Iraq to the next level. I am excited about the names I am hearing because these guys are all educated in the west and share the same values and vision that I share about Iraq. Also happen to think that these guys would concentrate on important issues facing Iraqis, the lack of education, the bigotry that Saddam instilled in people, and how to live among the rest of the world without wars. Teaching people to love education, to love one another, and instill in the kids peace and not war. It is mission impossible but I think it is going to be done in the next five to ten years if these guys get the support they need and also a big if, if we can get rid of the Wohabies in Iraq.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Ahmed Al-CHalabi
Cjean wrote this on the comments “Well, if Shia don't want a Sunni President (or whatever the head of the government will be called), and Sunni don't want a Shia, and a Christian is out of the question, then perhaps it needs to be an agnostic -- a believer in a supreme being but conforms to no one's rules of worship.”
Well, I think this is exactly what is going to happen in Iraq in the coming years. I believe (I am sticking my nick out there when I say this) but I believe the US is going to make that happen and the way they are going about it is by creating a leader through the eyes of the Iraqis. There is no way they are going to allow a person like Muqtada to advance his ideas as well as take control of any of the cities in the south. So, I think choosing a leader like Ahmed Al-Chalabi will do the job however Ahmed’s reputation among the Iraqi people is not good at all, for a lot of different reasons. So, by slapping Ahmed around couple of times as well as discrediting he is going to make him an elect able person in Iraq. Remember what happen in Germany about a year or so ago “Schroeder” ran on the fact he is apposed to the US and he won. I think the same think is going to happen in Iraq and whoever runs against the US and their occupation will win an election and become the leader of Iraq.

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