Thursday, May 20, 2004

Is it time to say the conflict between the Sunni and the Shia has started? Or is it time to evaluate the conflict between the Pentagon and the state department? How are these two issues even related to Iraqi politics? It does seem that the pentagon supports the Shia in the GC and the state department supports all the Sunnis in the GC. And because they are at odds with each other it is time to start shaking up different members of the GC according to their denomination in Islam. So the pentagon is going to be out in about 30 days and the state department is going to take over therefore we must change some of the people around and shake some of them around. The current president of the GC (Shia) killed, Dr. Chalibi is fired as an American confidant, fighting moving from Sunni Triangle to Shia areas, and the most of all is the announcement by Ibrahimi and that is the new Iraqi president must be a Sunni. It was very well played and designed schema because all the changes are happening at the same time and not only in Iraq but here in the states too. Leaking the pictures from the prison to the media and having Rammy testifying in front of all the cameras in the world. Off course I have no evidence of any of these theories other than trying to put the facts together and analyze why are these changes happening now. But since we are going to talk about conspiracy theories then here is my theory to the whole mess:
I think that since the US and specifically the state department was given the job of winning the support of the Arab countries. Mr. Powel went around and asked of the Arabs “what is it you want from us?” Off course the Arabs hate the fact that they lost their beloved boy “Saddam” and even worse than that is the Shia in Iraq because they are gaining grounds and might get the government. If you follow international politics, there are four players that don’t like these facts on the ground in Iraq and they are Syria, Jordan, Saudi, and Egypt. So, they started to mobilize their connections and meet among themselves and decide what should happen in Iraq for the Iraqi people. The reason I think that is because when you read Arabic press and watch the Arabic media you kind get the feeling that the Arabs are not happy with the way things are going in Iraq.
1. They lost Saddam (he used to take a lot of the heat from the USA) now it could be them.
2. They hate the fact that the Shia in Iraq might rule the country and if they ever join forces with the Iranians they could be dangerous.
3. Iraq might become the only country in the region that is prosperous, business orientated, good education, freedom in religion, and it could be a democratic society (God forbid).
4. What if the Kurds get there own country, they already fly their flag in Kurdistan.
Before the war started all the Arabs came out load and said, the region can not take all the changes and we are not used to freedom of choice. But that was before the war and now it might happen. So, they will do anything in their power to put a stop to it. This is my conspiracy theory and it is only based on reading the history of what I am reading.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wake up and smell the coffee:

When the Shia in Iraq is going to wake up and smell the coffee? They have been the target by all the countries around them including Iran for all these years. Al-Zarquawee came out load and announced it and others work covertly. Al-Zarquawee is working so hard to get civil war going between the Shia and the Sunni or between the Shia themselves. He has targeted a lot of the Shia head figures and their students. All the bombs and explosions are targeting either Shia members of the GC, police stations in a Shia neighborhoods, doctors, and professors. Al-Zarquawee documented that in a 17 pages document that was going to go to Bin Laden as of how, who, when, and where he is going to do all that. He started the whole mess in Faluja, they fought and they killed 100 GIs in a month but somehow some of the Arab countries as well as so called the Muslim Org (Sunni group) managed to get the cease fire and convinced the Americans to stop the fighting. Now Al-Zarquawee managed to get into Muqtada’s head and convince him that let us combine armies and fight the infidels in your holy city of Najaf and/or Karbala. The Muslim Org sends Muqtada 8 trucks worth of what (maybe weapons) and as soon as they arrived in Najef they attacked Al-Sistani house. It would have been a perfect senrio for Al-Zarquawee, let’s kill Al-Sistani and blame Muqtada and then kill Muqtada and say it was revenge from Al-Sistani's people. Every time I call Iraq and ask why is this happing? Or how is this happening? And so on and so forth, I get the same answer and that is “they are foreign fighters”. They penetrated the city of Najef and Karbala and that only happened since the cease fire they got in Faluja and moved all there arms into Najef and Karbala, they are fighting, killing, and effectively creating a big mess. I hope the Iraqis and specifically the Shia wakes up and smell the coffee, other wise it is the end for you.

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