Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Watching the news and listening to all the news channels talk about Neck Berg and how he was killed, made me feel sick to my stomach, then I was thinking isn’t it why we are at war with the Al-Qaeda?. They are not representatives of Islam, they are punch of thugs, criminals use Islam to be out there and execute their plans.
I hope to God that the US army finds those five guys and behead them the same way they did to Nick. Also, I am so optimistic that Iraq will get a government and president that will change one law and that is capital punishment and clean out the whole country from those thugs (beheading them is fine with me). Few bad soldiers did what they did at Abu Grebe prison and the whole world gets bend out of shape about humanity, I don’t see any one from the Arab world voicing their opinion to condemn Nick’s killing or the inhumanity these Al-Qaeda showed on the video tape. Also where are the Imams, head of states, and Muslim leaders in the Arab world to say something about this crime? I did not see on Aljazeera much about the beheading of an innocent man just because he happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I am praying that the Iraqis stay away from this hypocrisy and tell the Arabs to leave us a lone because our lives are much better without your help. The life of the avargae person has improved tremendously, business has improved tremendously, and the future is better than what we had before.
It is incomparable between the Americans and the Al-Qaeda because the difference is day and night. And I know first hand that the people on the streets see that difference unfortunately they do not voice their views because they are afraid of the thugs. When I went to Baghdad last Aug and then this March, both times you hear it among the people saying, we did not have this when Saddam was in power. And every once in while you hear someone saying damn the Americans because of ………… and before you know it, few Iraqis reply back saying you should look around you, you can speak freely because of the Americans.
It is time to have an Iraqi leader who can take this country out of this mess by getting rid of the Wohabies and finish Al-Qaeda.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It is the beginning of the end for Muqtada:

I talked with people in Najef today and I heard that the locals in Najef gave Muqtada till Friday to leave the city or they will kill him themselves. I also heard that the coalitions got a petition from 150 Shia leaders to finish Muqtada before the dead lines. The more Muqtada and his people speak the more it is evident that they are thugs who worked for the old regime and they want their jobs back. Their jobs were terrorizing the people of Iraq, stealing from the local population, and making sure Iraq and the Iraqis do not move forward.
On Radio Sawa (www.radiosawa.com) today they interviewed people on the street in Al Sadar city and from all the interviews they had, one person was extremely interesting in what he said, he said "we were about seven people in a van going from al-Sadar city to Baghdad city center we were six men and one woman. At a check point for an Al Mahdi army they stopped us to look inside and when they saw a young lady riding with us, they asked her where are you going, she replied that she is going to work, so they said to her step out and we will take you to work". He said we were stunned and no one can say anything because it is a perfect case for abduction and if you voice your opinion, you would be killed too. This is the Mahdi Army and there ethics.
I am sorry this is taking so long but the fact is Muqtada will be gone soon. I predict the next two to three night there will be some big fighting among the local people and Muqtada’s guys. If that happens, it will show one thing to the Iraqis as well as the bin Laden’s people that we are not going to take this crap from you anymore. Also, it will send a message to anyone who is thinking about rising up in the future against the people to terrorize them in the name of their cause. Enough that we have to sit back and take this crap from thugs like Muqtada and Bin laden, in the name of Islam they kill, hurt, and terrorize people.

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