Friday, May 07, 2004

Two traits a human being should not have because it leads to destruction. One is being stubborn and the other is being stupid. Saddam had both of these two traits and now Muqtada is on the same path. How stupid can Muqtada be if he thinks that he is going to fight the American forces? Actually yesterday afternoon the people of Kufa went out to the streets and started to throughing stones at Al Mahdi Army. So today Muqtada's Aids took to the big Shrine in Kufa and announced out load (That the People of Kufa are punch of hippocrates because they are not supporting Muqtada in his cause). According to the stories coming out of Najef that some of his army personal are fleeing their posts and giving up their weapons under perssure. I know it was a fact that when Saddam was in power, none of his aids can tell him the truth about the state of affairs in Iraq because they were afraid for their lives ( that is the way Saddam operated). I would like to know what are Muqtada's aids telling him about the situation on the streets and are they telling him that he being so stubborn and stupid. I am thinking that the only person Muqtada is missing on his stuff is “Baghdad Bob” Al-Sahaf.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

It is ironic how all the explosion and the bombing came back to Baghdad since the Americans left Falluja alone. I have been reading on Iraqi’s websites and one American email had suggested that the best solution for Falluja is to nuke them. I though what a mean and ruthless way of dealing with the insurgent but is there another way to deal with these of low life scum bags. The reports out of Baghdad had suggested that since the siege of Falluja, there were law activities on the side of the insurgency in Baghdad. Well they are back because their only goal is to reap havoc and cause causality for the Iraqis and the coalitions. So people in Baghdad be ready the explosions, kidnapping, looting, stealing, and killing of innocent people are back to you (Ben Laden calls it MUQAUMA). It is the duty of every Iraqi living inside Iraq to start the trend of telling on the insurgency, where they hide, what are they doing, and what are they going to do.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The news coming out Najef is the US Marines are fighting the Mahdi Army. This could be dangerous if it continues and if it gets messy like the fight in Falluja, a lot of inocent people can be killed for no reason. We saw that happen in Falluja and it was done carefully by the insurgents. I believe those fighters have succeeded in changing the views of the Iraqis about the American Army and all the good deed they have done. The stories coming out of Najef, is similar to the Falluja one because the same fighters are coming into Najef and trying to start the fight there. One incident happened last weekend, there were 40-50 fighters with heavy arms and unti-aircraft missiles coming into the city and wanted to go into the second biggest shrine in Kufa (where Muqtada is), the head of the Masque told them they could not go in and they are not allowed to carry arms inside the Masque. According to the story, the fighters told the people and the head of the Masque that “We are your brothers from Falluja, we are here to fight with you” and they went around the main gate and punched a hole into the back wall of the Masque just so they can get their heavy arms in the Masque. According to the story, their arms and the entire weapon they had would not go through the main gate. I don’t know what happen after that to this particular incident but the facts are coming out of Najef and there are a lot more stories about who is behind all the fighting that happen last month.
I believe it is time to pull the rug from underneath Muqtada. I think it is easy to do because there are so many Iraqis disgusted by Muqtada and his clans; they are willing to cooperate with the CPA as well as the GC. There are a lot of stories of harassment coming out of Najef by Muqtada’s army, the average person on the street is now remembering the Saddam days and they don’t want to go through the past. Thank you Muqtada for cutting your own throat, and now I hope the CPA takes advantage of this.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Dear Mr. President;
It would not hurt you if you come out on TV and say I am sorry and what happened in the prison will never happen again. You are dealing with Iraqi and Arabs and showing a sign of weakens is not a crime. No one is going to fined you responsible, you are the president and they are the soldiers and they committed a crime and that is it. Life goes on. People in the Arab world do not hate the American people or for that matter America. But it is a fact that your media project the fact that the Arab world hates you (this is so not true). The people in the Arab world hate the fact that you act like a cowboy.
And even a more powerful gesture and that is if John Abe Zaid the commander in the region if came out and spoke in Arabic and explained to the people that what happen in the prison does not reflect his views nor does it reflect the views of the arm forces and he knows that because is he the commander of these forces. He should speak to the Arab media as an American Arab commander.


Monday, May 03, 2004

By now everyone has seen the pictures and the atrocities that were committed by the Six GIs in the prison in Baghdad. And I have found even more disturbing pictures than the ones they aired (they are so bad the site is off line anymore). I hope these guys get their punishment and I hope the pentagon makes an example out of them. I am not that old but I am sure that these kinds of incidents have happened before when we were in Korea, Japan, Germany, and all the other places before Iraq. I am not justifying their action but these six guys do not represent the majority of the 150,000 soldiers in Iraq. It is no different from the fact that some people looted in Baghdad after the fall of the regime however they do not represent the majority of Iraqi people. I am hoping one thing comes out of this ordeal and that is national patriotism among Iraqis. I have a problem with the way that most Iraqis feel toward the Americans and the coalitions and all of that is caused by the media mostly. The Al-Qaeda have bombed school busses, killed police men, killed innocent by standard, and attached our holy places. Yet I don’t see any Iraqis taken to the street demonstrating against all Al-Qaeda. I don’t see any GC member, Muslim clergy, and or and other newly formed party taken to the street against Al-Qaeda and their leadership. All the above I mentioned have condemned terrorism but I feel that is not enough. I think it is time for the CPA, GC, and every party in Iraq to start targeting the Al-Qaeda and specifically Osama Ben Laden. Where are the Iraqi voices when they bomb a hotel, school bus, and/or kill Iraqi Police? I think it is time for Iraqi leadership to rise up and I feel that is what we are lacking in Iraq. It is easy to blame the coalition and/or the GC but in reality we should blame ourselves and the way Saddam has the whole country thinking for all these years. I know it is hard to change the habits of thirty five years in thirteen months and also know it is easy said than it is done. I am an optimist and I feel that we should keep trying till we succeed. I hope the US and the CPA truly promote democracy in Iraq and that has to be taught to people. Also encourage leadership among the majority of people (by majority, I don’t mean the Shia only).

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