Thursday, April 29, 2004

Are the Americans occupying the Iraqis or the Iraqi insurgent occupying the Americans? Let us face it without the support of the majority of Iraqis whether Shia, Sunni, Christians, Kurds, and Turkmen’s the coalitions will not advance one inch with their reconstructions of Iraq. Without the reconstruction of Iraq, the US and its allies are in trouble. What I don’t get is that why the CPA is not involving the Iraqis and trying to pre-occupying them with things they have to think about, in another word make them busy. This is what Saddam did for so many years to the whole population. I will give you one example about involving people in the process (one out of many). It would have been a great idea to hold a contest on choosing a flag from 10 samples (or whatever # of samples). Let the people of Iraq choose something like a flag and that would have been the first listen to teach the people what democracy. The majority will win peacefully and teach them how to campaign among the students, tribes, women, and men. Sometimes I feel that the CPA does not like to make their lives easier, nor are they doing the right thing.
I was in Iraq about two months ago, and I saw for the first time and first hand the transformation of people and how they look at us in America (They loved the fact that Saddam is no longer exist and all his security men are gone). There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that all the descions are made inside the palace and the CPA has the final say on everything. This was my second trip to Iraq since the fall of the regime and I am convinced that the CPA is making it so hard for them that the ordinary Iraqi hates the seen of the Humvee on the street. The CPA needs to approach things much differently, they need to listen to the ordinary Iraqi, and they need to show them that they care about the people. Unfortunately the CPA listens to the top dogs like (Chlabi, Alaoi, Bachichi, and all the rest of in the GC) but you ought to take in consideration that these guys have not lived in Iraq for a long time and I don’t think they are in touch with reality, they have their own ulterior motives. The CPA makes the ordinary Iraqi’s life so hard because they don’t discriminate between the Saddam supporter and the Saddam haters. I believe the American troops were looked as a favorable force when they came in and the people of Iraq loved the fact that they got rid of Saddam, however, thanks to the GC and the stupid decisions from the CPA now the people hates the presence of Americans and anything is associated with the CPA. I never thought I would hear it from a cousin that his own brother was executed by Saddam’s people, and he said to me three days ago “I wish Saddam is back”. I think this is extremely dangerous for the CPA and the coalitions.
It is going to take a while to regain everyone’s trust.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Any Predictions on Muqtada:
How long is he going to last?
Is he going to be killed by America or the new Iraqi government?
Is the CPA going to give him immunity like they are doing to the Ex-Baathest?
Finally today the Houza told Muqtada politely to leave Najef and Kufa. To leave and take his army with him, and told him you can fight out side the city if you want. I hope Muqtada does not think he is stronger than Saddam, how could he forget just a year and some ago the Americans gave Saddam 48 hours and then they unleashed on him. In a letter on the internet today, the Houza told Muqtada, you should not bring destruction and harm to the whole holy city of Najef. In the letter it even mentions imam Hussein when he left Mecca once he realized that he is going to get killed.
Why would Muqtada think that he is above and/or better than all the people and the Houza who stood aside to watch the coalitions help the people in the south?
Why would anyone think that Muqtada can take care of the Shia in Iraq better than the coalitions can?
Why would Muqtada think that he is any wiser than Ali Al-Sistani? Why didn’t the Houza issue a fetou to declare the Jihad against the coalitions?
I want to say to you Ya Muqtada, if you strap some bomb on your chest and go ahead of your army maybe and maybe someone like you will follow you.
Show us the way brother.
Can the hole get any deeper for the CPA?
According to some of the resources inside Iraq, the CPA is negotiating with some of the Ex-Baathest in their jails to expel the top leaders from the party in exchange for their freedom and then a post with the new government. The leaders that have to be expelled are people like Saddam and his two sons, Tariq Azeez, and few other names that are either dead or captured (there is a list of names on the internet). Will this policy help the CPA in their mission to get control of the country? They worked so hard to get the hearts and minds of the people, but with a decision like this one, all the hard work is down the drain. I like many other Iraqis never joined the bath party just because I left Iraq when I was young, but there are a lot of people had to join because they had to. The Baath party is an ideology that a lot of people believed in and some of those people are kind, honest, and serious about serving their country, I don’t think that all should be punished because they joined the party. However, the top people are the bad apples and they were the ones that caused all the hardship among the majority of the people. They should be punished and they should pay the price for their crimes and there were a lot of them. Also there were a lot of middle layer that committed a lot more of the crimes than the top leaders did because that was their way of advancing to the top. Saddam inserted it in their minds that the more you kill, hurt, and cause problems for others, the more you were rewarded. The rewards could be a car, a house, and off course the ultimate one money. I say to the CPA and the pentagon, please don’t reward them again for their crimes. They will continue to cause you headache and hardship and they have you exactly where they want you.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Today the GC chose a new flag for Iraq and new badge for the arm forces.
Do you sometimes wonder what would have happened if the marines had come down from Turkey down to meet the Army in Baghdad like they were suppose to?
I am not a military man but I think it would have changed the outcome of a lot of things on the ground currently. The republican guards, fedaeen Saddam, the private army of Saddam, and all the other armies of Saddam, are all from that region called (The Sunni triangle). This is not to say that the Army is Sunnis only but the fact is the senior officers as well as the loyalist of the army are from that region. The coalitions (The US Army) advanced to Baghdad and that took those three weeks and at the end they librated Iraq and the Iraqis from Saddam and his clans. But in reality some of the war that was supposed to be fought a year ago is being fought now in Fallujah.
I believe is time to put the final touch on this project Mr. President and that is by doubling the troops in Iraq and using them effectively. I would close the borders with Syria, Jordan, and Iran for four weeks (No one in and no one out). I am sorry to say this but you are not going to win the hearts and minds of people by being a nice guy. You are dealing with a country that is used to an iron grip for a dictator and I believe it is going to have to be like that for a while.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Crossing the red line:
Every Dick, Tom, and Harry told us crossing the lines into Najef would be wrong because we do not want to upset the Shia and mostly Syaid Ali Al Sistani. Let me tell you something about the Shia in Iraq, they are like a big family. Every family has one cousin that no one likes but God forbid he gets in a fight every one has to come to the rescue and defend him. I believe the situation in Najef is like that, no one likes Muqtada but as soon as he gets touched by the Americans, he is going to become the most beloved Mulla. I think if Muqtada was killed tomorrow, Syaid Ali Al Sistani will not shed one tear on his sole. However, the future with this situation is so unpredictable, it is very dangerous. By the way, every Iraqi I have spoken with in and/or outside Iraq has asked me the same question about Muqtada "When are they going to get rid of him". He is bad news and he must be dealt with sooner or later and everyone prefres sooner than later.
The situation in Iraq is like a volcano, you can sit and watch the volcano, you can see it brewing, and you think it is contained but at any moment it can erupt. God forbid it does, it will destroy everything in its way, and that is the danger we face in Iraq right now. The CPA needs all the help they can get to control the situation in Iraq before the volcano erupts. I believe the pentagon based a lot of their earlier decisions on the wrong information that they obtained from their friends in the opposition whether it was the INC and/or others like them but the facts are the Iraqis are not accepting the American ideology currently. As much as you want to respect all the Iraqi opposition and what they worked so hard to achieve all these years (Contracts, Fame, Status, Money, and Politics) the fact is the Iraqi people are not accepting them as representatives. What surprise the hell out of me is that the pentagon had to know that these people had their own agenda and their motives for removing Saddam and his clans from power. Also, why is it so hard to accept the fact that these people are not giving us what we want to accomplish and it is time to start re-doing the plan or adjust to new implementations on the ground.
As much as I hate to admit the reality and that is we Iraqis who live out side Iraq have no idea about how things are running inside Iraq and how the people of Iraq has changed. I think we did not take in consideration the 23 years of the Saddam effects on the people and that is lawlessness, crimes, looting, un-organizations, bribes, and on and on and on.

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