Friday, April 23, 2004

I have been writing about the situation in Iraq since the fall of the regime and I have been writing about different issues and what the people in Iraq have been saying on the street. I am the biggest supporter for this operation however things need to change on the ground for the situation to improve. Also the coalition’s philosophy toward the people must change and how they should be dealt with. I would like to share with you few points I believe it would make all the difference in the world for the troops, coalitions, and the new Iraqi goverment.
By now we all know there are three types of groups who are causing us all the headaches in Iraq and I believe these people need to be dealt with now or else the new Iraqi government will never move one step forward. The first group is the unemployed people who are between 20 to 50 years old. These people are joining all the different militias that are forming like a wild fire all over Iraq. I think this group is important and must be taken care of as soon as possible because they can cause a lot of problems in the future. My suggestion for this group is to open five to six centers all over the country; these centers will accept applications from young men between the ages of 20 to 50 years old. These people will have to apply in person, come up with two pictures (and/or have one taken on the spot and create an id can be used for different purposes) and have two forms of id. This process will bring all the young and unemployed people from all over the country to enter these centers (You must make these center secure and un penetrable by the terrorist) and spend some time looking up different positions that might be available soon, search the internet for opportunities that are available else where. By doing that, the people can see that we are going to start the reconstruction soon and when we start the reconstruction we have to use these applicants who have applied and ready to start working. I think an exercise like that will draw thousands of people to come and join the family of working folks, also that will get them of the street for a period of two to three weeks. These centers must be equipped with internet access as well as counselors that can talk with the applicants about different positions. This process will give the young people hope and vision for their future also it will create a sense of security for them that will keep them off looting, steeling, crimes, and gangs (I realize this exorcize will not stop some of these people from committing crimes but at least we are trying). We must get them involved, busy, and away from all the militias.
The second group is the foreign fighters, and this is a group needs to be routed out side the country other wise they will always create problems for the coalitions as well as the new Iraqi government.
The ex-Baathest group and/or fighters: In my opinion, these people are the hardest group to deal with because they lost the most and I believe they do not care about their lives and they are ready to die for their cause (they do not have one). This group can be formed into a strong battalion in the new army and if they are given immunity by the coalition, I hope some of them will come to realize that there is a better future for them and they will give up their weapons. If we can reach out to this group and they do come and join the new army that will break the link between the ex-baathest and the foreign fighters. This process will separate the two groups and eventually they will fight each other out. Not to mention once they are separated into two different groups, the ex-baathest will work with us to give them up.
Off course all these steps need money as well as coordination between the coalition and the Iraqis. I believe for these suggestions to succeed, they would have to be done in total secrecy and small of core personal that can over see these operations.


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